Roasted Tomato & Red Pepper Soup


makes 1.2 litres ( 4 x 300 ml servings – 117 calories per serving )

1 kg salad tomatoes
2 small red onions ( or 1 medium), thickly sliced
2 large red peppers, cut into large chunks
2 sprigs of fresh rosemary
half a cup of good handful of fresh lemon-thyme
1 tablespoon of olive oil
generous pinch of coarse sea salt
1 teaspoon maple syrup (optional)
Preheat oven to 200 degrees Celcius.

Wash and quarter tomatoes.  Place in roasting tray with onion, herbs, oil & salt

Roast for approx 1 hour *time will vary if you have fan assisted oven.  Keep an eye as you don’t want it to be charred.  Nice and juicy with a few roasted edges.  You will find quite a bit of juice in tray… that’s spot on!!  Don’t panic or chuck it, we’ll be adding it to the blender.

In a separate roasting tray, place peppers skin side up and place in oven. (In oven at the same time as tomatoes)

Peppers can be left to roast a little more.  The skin can be allowed to become black as the skin will be removed – leaving us with the lovely sweet flesh and a mild roasted flavour.

When done, remove from oven and use tongs to pick pieces up and placing it inside a sealable plastic bag – sandwich bag will work well.  Once a little cooled, remove from bag and peel blackened skin away from flesh.  Et voila….  easy stuff!

Tomatoes & Peppers should cool a little before adding it to the blender.  If you don’t have a jug style blender, pop everything in a pot and use a stick blender.

There should be no need to add extra fluids.  The consistency will be perfect, but if not, add small amount of water at a time.

Season to taste.  You may want to add a little sugar or maple syrup to reduce the tartness.