About me


Since grating carrots from the age of 8, kitchen life has become my life. The passion my mother had for her cooking & baking, has rubbed off on me.  Although my food is slightly more green & with much less saturated fat, I thank my mum for showing me the way and allowing me to LOVE food in all its glory.

I was brought up on a farm and the youngest of 7 children (all boys except me).  I have such fond memories of  mum separating the cream from the milk early morning and late afternoon. Tons of froth would sit on the freshly churned milk and I would spoon a heap of warm foam into a cup and sprinkle it with sugar as a treat.  I would also watch my mum make her own butter – sometimes complaining about her sore wrists from kneading the salt into the butter in an enormous big bowl.   I quietly understood the labour pains of kitchen work.
Each day I realise that all the days I had spent with her in the kitchen, I have become her.  I scurry around the kitchen – just like she did.  I have a love for my kitchen – just like she had.

Today, I’m an ethical, nature loving, healthy eating, vegetarian foodie & keen photographer.  I am passionate about sustainable living habits.  I develop all my recipes from raw & natural ingredients; avoiding processed foods at all cost.
Quality over quantity is what I wholeheartedly represent.

I want to share my journey in all that I love and stand for;  in a culinary and creative capacity.

Enjoy my dream & journey with me!!



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